How often do we “save” something we love for special occasions only, or maybe we don’t use them at all? Those special dishes, the nice wine glasses, that fabulous outfit all sit on a shelf or hang in a closet because they’re too special to use?

My mother had a beautiful goblet collection displayed in a cabinet, handmade by her brother. The colorful and varied glasses collected dust and were never ever used. They were to be admired but not touched. As a kid, I used to stand and admire them, imagining I was royalty drinking out of my favorite, a beautiful purple and white goblet.

When my mother passed away, I inherited her collection, and like her, they sat in the cabinet my uncle made. One day I realized that I wanted to truly honor my mother’s memory and her exquisite collection by actually using them.

Mom’s goblet collection

Now, anytime we have people over for dinner or a small celebration, I invite our guests to choose the goblet that appeals to them. I love watching their eyes light up as they scan the glasses, no two alike. Some choose quickly. Others need some time to choose that one goblet perfect for them. It gives me so much pleasure to share the story of the goblets, to honor my mother, and to see my guests derive pleasure from them as well.

What are you saving? What are you not using or wearing, even though you love them? What would happen if you gave yourself permission and opened yourself up to the pleasure those items evoke and used them right now?